Press & Events

I am happy to discuss my research, please contact me directly regarding  either press interest in my work or interest in collaborating. I have participated in the Edinburgh Science Festival (2009, 2012) and the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition (2010), and believe engaging the public in ongoing research is vital.

CreaStoria: a game of collaborative flash fiction

“Why language exceptions remain the rule” Focus: Physics, 8, 3 (January 9, 2015).

Edinburgh Science Festival Sensory Dining Event, The Jam House, Edinburgh:10th April 2012.

“Kiki or Bouba? In search of language’s missing link” The New Scientist (Cover), 16 July, 2011 (Issue 2821).

Culture Evolves Exhibit, The Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, London, UK, July 2010.

Edinburgh Science Festival, Edinburgh Neuroscience: Synaesthesia and Language, National Museum of Scotland, 8-14 April 2009.