Verb Intuitions: About

The experiment you just completed is part of a project looking to answer questions about how people use linguistic rules, and in particular, to investigate how linguistic rules might be used differently by native and non-native English speakers. The experiment you participated in is a type of Wug Test, which uses fake (but plausible-sounding) past tense verbs, and asks you to generate a present tense form. These past tense forms were actually generated by participants in another experiment, where they were given a non-word as a present tense form and asked to fill in the past tense. We are trying to see whether, given the forms they provided (particularly the ones that don’t end in the usual -ed), you can tell what the original form of the verb was. While the earlier study gave us interesting data about what natives and non-natives do in production, this will give us a start at understanding how they interpret past tense forms they have never heard before. If you want more information, you can read the earlier study here or use the form below to contact the researchers.