Curriculum Vitae


British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Language Evolution and Computation Unit, University of Edinburgh, UK: January 2016 – Present

  • Focus on studying the emergence of language using online multiplayer games and experiments, as well as agent based models and corpora.

Postdoctoral Researcher, Social Dynamics Lab, Institute for Scientific Interchange, Turin, Italy: January 2015-December 2015

  • Focus on studying dynamics and evolution of variation, innovation, and creativity in language.

Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute for Complex Systems (ISC-CNR), Università La Sapienza, Rome, Italy: January 2013-December 2014

  • Part of ESF funded Digging for the Roots of Understanding (DRUST) project, a collaboration with researchers at Universiteit Brussels, University of Amsterdam, and Aarhus University.
  • Focus on studying the evolutionary dynamics of linguistic rules with a particular focus on the English past tense.

Course Lecturer, Open Studies, University of Edinburgh, UK: January 2010-December 2012

  • Design and deliver lectures for courses in psychology, including Psychology of Language, Evolution of Cognition, Sensation and Perception, and Linguistics.
  • Create and mark essay and in class assessments for Psychology of Language and Evolution of Cognition.
  • Credit courses (Evolution of Cognition, Psychology of Language) approved by University of Edinburgh  Philosophy Psychology and Language Sciences as undergraduate level (Level 7 in the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework).

Tutor, Pre-Honours Linguistics, University of Edinburgh, UK: September 2008-December 2012

  • Prepare and execute weekly tutorials in introductory linguistics, as well as acoustic phonetics and empirical methods in sociolinguistics.
  • Mark students’ written assignments and exams according to University standards.

PhD Representative, Linguistics and English Language, University of Edinburgh: September 2008 – September 2010

  • Represent LEL student body by attending relevant meetings, including the Postgraduate Group meeting and subject area staf meetings.
  • Lead in organising events relevant to student body, including Webpage workshop, postgraduate conference, and LEC PhD retreat.


PhD, Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, University of Edinburgh, UK, January 2013

  • Member of the Language Evolution and Computation Unit (LEC) in Linguistics and Synaesthesia and Sensory Integration Lab (SASI) in Psychology.
  • Focus on empirical (experimental and corpus-based) evidence of common cross-modal associations supporting an iconic origin of protolanguage [abstract].
  • Internal examiner: Dr. Kenny Smith, external examiner: Professor Padraic Monaghan (University of Lancaster).

MSc, Evolution of Language and Cognition, University of Edinburgh, UK: December 2008

  • Completed coursework in various subjects relating to evolution and linguistics, including Animal Communication, Human Evolution, Corpus Linguistics and Simulating Language
  • Completed dissertation on cross-modality and language origins, including original research on sound/taste associations.

BA, Psychology, American University, Washington, D.C.: May 2005

  • Completed senior thesis on synaesthesia
  • Dean’s List (GPA of 3.5 or above) 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Publications & Presentations

Press & Public Engagement


British Journal of Psychology, Cognitive Science (Journal), CogSci (Conference), EvoLang, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, PLOS One

Conferences, Workshops & Summer Schools

CreativEvolang (satellite workshop of EvoLang XI, March 21, 2016; Organiser)

EvoLang XI (to be held in New Orleans, March 21-24, 2016; Scientific Committee member)

On The Emergence of Consensus & Misunderstanding (Rome, Italy, February 24-25, 2014; Organised & Attended)

International Summer School on Agent-based models of Creativity (Cortona, Italy, September 16-20, 2013; Attended)

Opening for University of Aarhus Cognition and Behaviour Lab (University of Aarhus, Denmark, August 23, 2013; Speaker)

Workshop on Modelling Emergent Norms (University of Aarhus, Denmark, March 8, 2013; Speaker)

EvoLang8 (Evolution of Language Conference; Utrecht, Netherlands, April 14-17, 2010; Presenter)

Workshop on Cross-modal associations and language (Max Planck Institute for Pscyholinguistics, Nijmegen, Netherlands,  July 9, 2009; Speaker)

European Human Behaviour and Evolution Association Conference (University of St. Andrews, UK, April 8-10 2009; Poster presenter)

EvoLang7 (Evolution of Language Conference; Barcelona, Spain, March 11-15, 2008; Attended)


Programming & Web:  Python, Tcl/TK, R, HTML/HTML5, Processing/Java, JavaScript

Familiar with SPSS, LaTeX, Praat, Elan, R Studio.


2010 Hurford Prize for Best Student Talk at EvoLang8